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Hugh says: Wie es zum Wolverine-Cameo in X-Men: First Class kam

Es war der Lacher des Films: Der kurze Cameo von Hugh Jackman als Wolverine in Matthew Vaughns gelungenem Prequel X-MEN: FIRST CLASS. Ein hochmotivierter, aber noch blutjunger Charles X. Xavier und Erik Lensherr auf der Suche nach Mutanten, die sich ihnen anschließen, und ein Logan, der so gar keine Lust hat. Remember?

Wie knapp es in Wirklichkeit war, um diese eine Szene überhaupt einzubringen, hat Hugh Jackman den Jungs von Collider gesteckt, die ihn im Rahmen der Promotour zu REAL STEEL interviewt haben:

“I think it was a big debate for them. They brought me out and I know all of those guys from all of the X-Men movies. They said, ‘This is what we are thinking.’ And I said, ‘Yeah, well tell me the idea’ And I was like, “Okay. Is anyone else in the movie?” and they said, ‘No.’ So I said, ‘I’m in.’ So that was that. It was a year between now and when I actually did it. I don’t know if you know the history of it – I was sort of outside of it – but [the production] went on longer [than they planned], they were here, they were going to—all the X-Men movies are the same, I’m used to it. There’s something chaotic about it all. We were going to shoot it in Savannah, and I was doing something else so I was like, ‘Well, if you need me, I’m available. Just give me a call.’ So then Savannah came and went and I never heard anything. I was like, ‘Well obviously they didn’t want that.’ But then I didn’t hear anything for 3 or 4 months. I finally said, ‘Do they want me to do this thing? Was I meant to call them? Was I meant to turn up some day? I don’t understand.’ They finished shooting and I was like, ‘Oh obviously they didn’t want it.’ Then they rang me up and said, ‘Look, we’re doing reshoots, we’re not sure if we want it or not. Are you around?’ So I said, ‘Yeah, I can do it.’ They said, ‘Okay.’ And I never heard anything. Even when I went down there I was generally not sure if that was going to be in the movie. I don’t think they knew. I think they just thought it could be a good moment and we should just try and work it out. So we went down there and did about 8 takes.”

Und ich kann mich dem allgemeinen Tenor nur anschließen: Hell yeah, es war einer der besten Cameos ever!

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Daniel Rehn
Popcorn. Gezuckert. Nicht gerührt.

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